Why Was the OPUS Framework Created?

Education Alliance Finland

Education Alliance Finland provides a science-based quality standard and certification for learning solutions. EAF helps EdTech companies to validate solutions and build a rationale of "Why the solution works?"

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Quality Criteria For EdTech

After evaluating the pedagogical quality of EdTech solutions for many years, EAF has gathered significant insights on how the best EdTech products are made. 

We've recognized what are the key aspects that all high-quality solutions have in common and turned them into a design framework to help EdTech developers push new boundaries. 

About Education Alliance Finland

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Education Alliance Finland was founded by teachers and EdTech experts in 2015. 

Currently over 120 teacher-evaluators work with EAF conducting product assessments. 


Over 350 learning solutions have been evaluated from over 30 countries. 

EAF has created the national EdTech quality criteria for Finland's National Agency for Education. 


Education sector stakeholders around the world trust Education Alliance Finland to ensure solutions are independently certified to high-level quality standards.

Education Alliance Finland - Product Evaluation Process

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