Resources for EdTech Developers

The following resources will help you with EdTech product development, sales, marketing, and finding new inspiration!

Product Development & Research

There is a lot of useful information out there that can help EdTech developers with their work. Here we have collected loads of handy that can guide you in the right direction; no matter if it's research information, industry insights or development programs that you're looking for. 

EdTech Co-Development Programs & Accelerators

Co-development with the target users is a standard method nowadays when companies are refining their solutions to meet the needs of customers. Find more information about co-development opportunities below.


EdTech Industry Insights



Nowadays there are many ways how even small EdTech startups can raise people's awareness of their brand and product - especially online. Here you'll find a few tips and great practices for organic digital marketing. Defining your target audiences, potential buyers and their preferred communication channels is step one! Next, list what concrete value will you bring to your future followers with your content?

Gaining Recognition

Digital Marketing & PR



Entering a new international market is never easy - but often a necessary step for EdTech startups if they wish to grow and develop. Below are a few tips for anyone hoping to land in the Finnish education market, or planning to participate in public tenders.


EdTech Communities

The EdTech industry is still a quite small community - even though globally there are many companies out there. By listing relevant EdTech communities online, we're hoping that new startups will be able to get the latest news and participate in the industry discourse. And potentially form new partnerships that will take them to the next level in their business!


Trending in EdTech

Interested in how EdTech makes a difference in the society? You've come to the right place; some of our articles examine various phenomena related to EdTech, e.g. how it can improve the mental wellbeing of teachers - if utilized appropriately.