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Support means responding to the needs of your clients in every step of their learning journey with EdTech.

Why Support Matters

A low threshold for contacting you helps new clients reach out, and builds up trust from the very start!

A good first-time experience makes the clients happier and more likely to continue using your EdTech solution.  

Listening to the customers ensures that you stay relevant to them, and helps to prepare for their potential future needs. You can come up with new feature ideas by listening what your clients have to say! Also solving problems quickly prevents those very clients from dropping out.

Collecting plenty of feedback gives you a better understanding of which product or service changes are currently most important, and which can wait. 

How to Support Your Clients?

  • Make the initial set-up easy.  Facilitate different class/school sizes and organization models.

  • Prevent problems by making your design flexible: Allow changes and customization by the user.

  • Provide different ways for asking help and support: in-app, by email, messaging on your website etc.

  • Offer product trainings and webinars.

  • Systematically collect feedback from your existing customers; utilize surveys, focus group interviews or do an analysis of the most common problem situations.