The Value Proposition of EdTech

All EdTech should be based upon the idea of
using a tool to improve learning

The below model can be used to reflect and explain why your solution is needed and what are its key benefits. 

Improving Learning Outcomes

The main goal for a

quality EdTech product

Improving Learning

Reducing Workload

How a product can help to improve learning.

Increasing Engagement

Improved access to quality content

Improved communication

Improved assessment

Reduced cost

Improved content relevancy

Emotional & physical safety

Data & analytics





Emotional engagement

Optimal challenges

Immediate feedback

Meaningful collaboration




EdTech Development Roadmap

When designing educational solutions, it is ideal to define What before defining How. This means that learning activities and product features are designed on top of relevant and meaningful learning goals. 


Learning Objectives


Design & prototype


Publish & Support

What is the educational problem the product is solving?

What are the learning objectives the product helps to achieve? 

How are the learning activities that help to achieve the learning objectives?

Testing if the learning goals are relevant and can be achieved through the use of the product.

Building understanding of the use cases; how to make the UX as fluent as possible.

Offering training and ensuring that users achieve their goals for the use. Gathering evidence of effectiveness.  

Assessing Product-Market-Fit

We have created a simple questionnaire to help you reflect and determine what is the main reason people need your product – and why would they be ready to pay for it?

Being able to explain your value proposition in simple terms makes it easier to find customers and get investments.